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the United States has agreed to hand over command of enforcing a no-fly zone over Libya to NATO. "We are taking the next step -- we have agreed along with our NATO allies to trans


t to be appointed. Leading Sao Paulo daily Folha earlier this week published a story accusing Novais of paying his household staff with public money, including both the maid and hi.


etter. "The reconstruction process has been a success, because it took into account people's opinions in the selection of their new homes," Clarisa Ayala Arena, Maule Region housi.


the North Atlantic Treaty organization (NATO) want to intervene in Libya to take the natural resources in that country and not for saving the people. Morales also questioned the de.


ficers deployed on Operation Hamlet. Aside from the MINUSTAH project, there are approximately 90 Canadian police officers serving the United Nations in Haiti. MINUSTAH was establi.

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-day conference, being held at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, brings together police officers, anti-crime experts and members of the California Homicide Investigators Asso.

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n a month before the shootings. However, as Holmes suddenly dropped out of school, the committee neither acted nor alerted authorities of their concerns, ABC News reported. Dr. Bur.

suspending school classes, causing flights delays and cancellations, affecting in total some 100 million people in 22 states. In New York, the storm brought gusty winds and two f.

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